from Dr. Tim O'Shea author of Vaccination I$ Not Immunization.


I know, right? Sounds like a bad treatment for the next Matt Damon CIA yawner. We've all heard the rumors about the holistically-minded doctors and researchers who have died in the past year under mysterious circumstances, many of them violently. 

Well here's a thread of a story that may tie these deaths together. Listening to the voice of Dr Ted Broer, he captures your attention right away because he is quoting the legit scientists and using their terms. it's not the usual tin-hat hysteria for some bogus MLM that we see so often on google, etc. 

We have to start out with a few new terms: 

      Nagalase – an enzyme produced by cancer cells, carried by some viruses; a powerful immune suppressor 

      Gc protein – an essential immune peptide, produced by the body, used by macrophages to neutralize the hundreds of potential cancer cells that occur every day 

Don't accept my definitions – research these terms yourself until you've established their validity for yourself. Full name of nagalase: alpha acetyl galactase minidase. 

The new discovery here was that the enzyme nagalase inactivates Gc protein.

Compromise of the entire immune system can then result. In the formative systems of the child, an inactive immune system promotes cellular irregularities, like cancer and neuro disorders, including autism. That's mainstream science – not even controversial. 

Dr Broer is saying that the majority of the vanished researchers this past year have been involved in the study of these cellular metabolites. What makes the topic so volatile is the charge that nagalase is being found in most of today's vaccines, deliberately introduced, likely attached to the mutated lab viruses put into all vaccines.

These researchers were bringing that discussion to light faster than the major internet browsers could suppress it.

Did you ever wonder why google is now among the top 10 lobbies in Washington – over $350 million annually ? What are they buying? 

This line of inquiry into nagalase could certainly explain why in the past 2 years cancer has become the #1 killer of children, according to CDC. Before 1960, cancer in children had never been heard of.

Look at this chart from Vaccination Is Not Immunization

1950   – –  4 vaccines 
1980   – – 20 vaccines 
2003   – – 40 vaccines 
2004   – – 53 vaccines 
2005   – – 58 vaccines 
2006   – – 63 vaccines 
2012   – – 68 vaccines 
2015   – – 69 vaccines

The likelihood of cancer/vaccine link is fairly well established, especially since each vaccine on the US Schedule listed in the PDR contains this statement by the manufacturer: 

"This vaccine has not been tested for carcinogenicity…" 

So the manufacturers themselves realize that cancer is an issue and want to indemnify themselves from any claims.

Broer points out that the researchers were also showing a link between nagalase in vaccines and the autism epidemic which has emerged in the last 15 years. Extremely high concentrations of nagalase are found in the blood of autistics, but not in normal children. 

Here again the connection with vaccines and autism has been well established by now, primarily taking mercury into account. But all vaccines may not contain mercury. This new piece of evidence explains neurological and metaplastic processes due to nagalase in vaccines, not just mercury. 

Nagalase is not found in children at birth. It had to be introduced later– most likely suspect: vaccines. 

Remember, vaccine manufacturers are not required to disclose all ingredients in vaccine formulas, hiding behind the FDA screen of intellectual property – proprietary information. This new research may well have let some of these secrets out into the open through mainstream scientific research that was outside the tightly controlled pharmaceutical industry corral.

Here was the Dragon they have always feared – that their secret formula gets out.

A good starting point to continue your research on nagalase and GC protein might be a book by Timothy Smith MD,

The GCMAF Book 

 This book will astonish you – you the educated reader. You'll wonder why they haven't come after this guy yet, or where he's hiding. Not the typical made-to-order wiki/googly science, this information is written to instruct, not to cover up.

Apparently there's a lot of online motivation to suppress this clip. So hopefully it will still be up by the time you read this.

The URL is http://www.disclose.tv/news/murdered_holistic_doctors_discovered_cancercausing_enzyme_being_added_to_all_vaccines/124734

Somebody tell me all this is flawed, and why. Go ahead. I'm waiting. 



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